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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bullfrog Missile Delivery Vehicle DREMEL
CGI Rocket HISS Rocket Vehicle franz
CMS Cobra missile system DREMEL
Cobra Carnivor Mass Destruction HoleSnipe
Cobra Fang 3 Fighter Plane Blood Brigade
Cobra Ferret Mark II Mobile rocket/guided missle launcher deadfish
Cobra HISS-SC (Spitting Cobra) Mobile Air Defense Hawk MMS
Cobra MMS Cobra Blue Customs GasChamber
Cobra MSV Missile System Vehicle OreoBuilder
Cobra Predator Helicopter Helicopter Gunship Tank Destroyer Blood Brigade
Cobra SAM Batteries Air Defense ZombieGuide
Cobra Stinger Cobra Fast attack 4WD a.dream.deferred
Destro's Devastator Mobile Missile Launcher Phobus
Fang Helicopter Prototype Stealth Attack Helicopter Blood Brigade
GANTRY DEFENDER 2nd Generation VAMP anti-aircraft defender g.i. joeian
HISS High Speed Missile Sentry KrymsynGard666
HISS IV Missle Defence Tank Delta Team
HISS MMS Air Defense and troop killer Mjdnight
HISS-MS HISS Missile System Cobrafirefly84
HISS-MS D/B Desert or Beach Deployment Cobrafirefly84
Iron BUGG Amphibious Blood Brigade
Iron HISS High Speed Assault Tank Blood Brigade
M.A.R.S. Alphastrike Tactical Missile Delivery Vehicle Phobus
M1A3x Grizzly Ground Attack spaincustoms
Missile HISS SMS Prototype CDR
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