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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team Radar Rat PacRat joemichaels70
Arctic WOLF and Pups Arctic assault vehicles opiewan1
Bomb Disposal Robot Remote Control Desert Robot g.i. joeian
Cobra Archelon Cobra Deep Sea Attack Sub / Robot Mainframe
Cobra Doleserpeton Amphibious War Machine Mainframe
Cy-Kill Zartan's Personal Chopper OreoBuilder
Cy-Kill Custom chopper with robot theme pluv
Desert Operations SNAKE Desert Environment Battle Suit/Drone Joeczar
E.S.C.A.P.E. Armour Brainwave Machine & Killer Robot joemichaels70
Imperial Probe Droid F21311U Probe Droid sgcaper
Mule Robotic All-Terrain Vehicle Electric_Knight
Powermaster Prime Mechanized Assault Robot Mainframe
Red Shadows Escape Armour 2.0 Red Laser's robotic suit Joeczar
S.N.A.K.E. Battle Armor Battle Armor Iron Will
Scorpion Adventure Team Multipurpose ROV Dusty79
Slammer AR-3 Warbot Doc Rob
SNAKE Lookin' really pretty in Chrome Morgardee
SNAKE Blue chrome goodness Morgardee
Solid Steel SNAKE Rust-Proof Brainwave Machine & Killer Robot joemichaels70
Swindle Mercenary Jeep OreoBuilder
T-Bob M.A.S.K. Cyber cycle Caretaker Vanishing Point
Terra Drone Robotic Sentry Jin saotome
The Collosus Trojan Robot Vanishing Point
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