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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
25th SHARC Aerosubmarine figther CNK01
Chironex Naval Attack Submarine bpackwood
Cobra Bullhead Submersible Air Defence Vehicle Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Sea Serpent Submarine class kramer 70
D.E.R.S.U. Deep explore repair submarine unit CNK01
Deep Bullet Submarine Repair Vehicle CNK01
Dolphin Attack Submarine Fast Attack Submarine Mysterious Stranger
Dolphin's Personal Stingray Q-Force Davisgrayson
Electric EEL High speed assault boat Blood Brigade
GI JOE Catfish Boat Submarine Blood Brigade
Hammerhead Submarine Underwater Exploration and Support sgcaper
Headhunters Narco-Sub Spark transport Figureware
Iron BUGG Amphibious Blood Brigade
S.H.A.R.C Jungle SHARC RGregory
Sea Ray Underwater Attack Craft OreoBuilder
Sea Wolf II Adventure Team mini Sub toy-nutz
Tempest S.A.V. Submersible Attack Vehicle Phobus
The BENDS Submersible one man rocket Lance Sputnik
U.S.S. Shooter Mini submarine for secret/Special forces ops. neapolitan joe
USS Colton SSN-911 Submarine GI_Pacman
Venture S.E.A(Sky,Sea exploration and assault)vehicle zorpoxthedestroyer
Water Weasel Attack Sub THE Mike
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