this was a salvage project
some time ago I got a bunch of figures that where out and out mutilated, no necks cut in half broken posts, cut limbs... Dice's neck is fashioned from a snakeeyes lower leg above the calve

head is Marvel legends wrecker
body - heavy duty

shin armor - wrist blade from crossbow stormshadow
mask - dark ninja master mask cut in half
chest armor - inferno

"I'm a back-breaker, a face-stomper and bone-breaker! Don't mess with me, or I'll mess you up!"

Rumor has it that DICE was once a Cobra NIGHT CREEPER, but was kicked out for being TOO cruel. Dice operates as a partner to the Cobra Ninja Swordsman SLICE, specializing in choke holds, pressure points, snares, traps, blunt instruments and eye-gouging. His weapon of choice is the Bo-Staff, which he can manipulate with blinding speed and bone crushing power. His most dreaded technique is a motion he calls the "Flying Dragon." His name is believed to be some reference to his gambling habit. Some time in several bars in japan earned him the nickname The Ogre, which he gladly modified into his armor.

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