entire figure - temple tracker spirit
helmet - tunnelrat goggles, eon kid helmet, part of 1/6 pants
famas - 1/6

The desert is one of the most unforgiving environments in the world. There is a need for one specialist to take on survival responsibilities, Dusty has taken the responsibility without question. To him, it is the last true frontier. Clean, pure and unforgiving. He studied desert ecology while working as a refrigerator and air-conditioner repairman. When he signed up in the Army, he was the only one who really enjoyed his training in Texas. Already proficient in desert survival, he has also trained to be fluent in Arabic, Hebrew and has some working knowledge on Kazakh and Khalka language. The blistering heat of the day, freezing cold nights, snakes, scorpions, sheet lightning, dust storms, sand, none of these faze Dusty. Dusty still has some reservations toward Stalker over the SneakPeek ordeal, but he still manages to visit King's family whenever possible.

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