Head: '88 Blizzard
Torso: '94 Flint
Arms: '93 Muskrat
Waist: 'unknown
Legs: '90 Dodger

The Mega Marines is a self-contained inter-dimensional expeditionary force; they operated completely cut off from the main Joe team. The Division is broken up into three different units including two field teams, and a support team.

My widely expanded Mega Marine is chock full of new characters as well as some of my favorite established characters. One such new character is Raider. Raider is the team's rear guard and protects the squad from rear attack. He's an older member of the team having served for years along side notable Joe's like Sgt. Slaughter. Refusing to fade away like most old soldiers, Raider sees his new assignment to the Joe Mega Marine team as a second chance of soldiering, and, much to Leatherneck's chagrin, Raider is very protective of the team as if they were his own children.

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