Head - 25th
Body - ROC Ripcord
LH Lower Arm - 25th Mutt

Helmet - 25th Mutt
Vest - 25th Mutt
Baton - 25th Mutt
Machine Gun - ROC Ripcord
and Junkyard

I found a bunch of 25th anniversary stuff on clearance and thought a modern sculpt Mutt would be perfect with my ROC/POC stuff.

The toughest part of the custom was trying to get Mutt's glove hand to fit onto the reactive armor body. I had to shave it down a bit to fit.... but I ran into a problem, I didn't shave it down enough. It fits, but I have limited mobility with the arm for fear of breaking the elbow joint. I need to remove it and shave it down some more.

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