Head - Ripcord
Torso - Roadblock
Arms - Red Fang
Upper Legs - Kamakura
Lower Legs - Rex

Helmet - Duke
Machine Gun - Terminator
Holster/Pistol - Terminator
Uzi - Pit Commando
Back pack - Pit Commando

VAMPIR is a Cobra BIO (Battle Initiated Operation) Trooper. Dr. Red has used genetic manipulation and chemicals to make Vampir a superior night assault operative. The Cobra BIO Program is for Cobra operatives who "wash out" from various Viper programs.

I had lots of left over ROC pieces that I didn't know what to do with. I decided I would just stick a bunch of them together to create BIO troopers. My original idea was to make a group lead by Scrap Iron called the 'Scrap Iron Squad' since they were made from scrap pieces.

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