Sheet styrene with Unicron joints for articulation.
The head is from a candy pack- heavily modded.

He's scratch built with Unicron joints and a modded lollipop holder head. Megatron is 19"- that would be about 29 feet tall in 1:18th scale. He's very durable and 100% play-ready.
His weapons were scratch made from PVC. I plan on giving him an Energon sword too at some point.
Hasbro makes both Joes and Transformers. Marvel has had crossovers with them, so it was a no-brainer for me to add Transformers to my Joe verse. It could be as simple as members of the Joe team finding the Ark, or as complex as Decepticons hiding out among us. Either way this is like PB and J- the just go so well together. =)

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