Head:Lady Dial Tone
Body: Kitty Pride
Arms: RoC Cover Girl
Hat: Wild Bill
Hair: RoC Cover Girl, cut to fit under hat
Vest: Marvel Storm

File Name: West, Honda Lu
Birthplace: Arlen, TX

Honda Lu is one of the very few civilians employed by the Joe team. She met Roadblock several years ago during when Cobra had their Weather Dominator. Her trucks full of food had been hijacked and she was taken prisoner. She helped in capturing Cobra Commander and that desert base. Since that time, the Joes have been using her trucking company to move troops and supplies across the country discreetly.

Ever since we met Honda Lu, she has been a valuable resource for us, There's no way we could safely move across the country without Cobra getting suspicious. Plus she delivers the finest viddels we ever did eat and Roadblock knows how to cook them up right.

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