Head: Ninja Zartan
Torso, arms: v1 Shipwreck
Legs, waist: Crimson Guard Immortal
Sunglasses: Annika

Storm Rider is one of the last members to join Zartan's Dreadnoks. A little more clean cut by Dreadnok standards, Storm Rider is a heck of a mechanic and steel fabricator, often fixing the bikes of the other Dreadnok and helping Thrasher rebuild parts of the Thunder Machine and other Dreadnok vehicles as the needs arise.

I like to have matching figures between my O-ring and Modern Era figures and the Zartan head just seemed to work. The ME version uses 25th Shipwreck, so I followed suit in the O-ring version, but like the twin holsters and what look like motorcycle boots of the Crimson Immortal figure.

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