Head: 25th Clutch
Body, vest, helmet: 25th Lift Ticket

File Name: Scodders, Cy
PMOS: Helicopter Pilot
SMOS: Missile Command
Birthplace: Aurora, CO

Cyko is one of those guys that never stood out in a crowd, despite having many successes and he liked it that way. He could have flown fighter aircraft if wanted but decided he'd rather fly a helicopter, get more into the action, be the last guy a grunt sees before hitting the battlefield, and being the first he sees when they leave. He had a good career until a helicopter he was assigned turned up missing. Since he was responsible for the aircraft, it was decided he turned it over to an enemy force. Cyko was then moved to a maximum security military prison and would never see the light of day again. This is what his SRB shows. Cyko was attacked to the X-Factor team, a clandestine team made up of specialists that conduct missions the regular military can't do. He flies the new "stealth" helicopter for the team, and provides air support while they're on the ground.

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