Feet - 25th Anniversary Copper Head
Lower legs - ROC Night Adder
Lower arms/hands - Retaliation Joe Colton
Rest - Assault On Cobra Island Recondo

Originally I had no intentions of customizing the Assault on Cobra Island Recondo, but once I got him in hand there were some issues that just begged to be fixed. First, he's a jungle trooper with no knife or machete? The original figure had it on the left leg, so I added one. I changed his lower arms to Joe Colton's so that he could better hold his rifle. His lower legs are from a Night Adder with 25th Copper Head feet to give him gaiters like the original ARAH figure. I also had to repaint his hat and do some detailing to his rifle so that they didn't look like translucent plastic. I also gave him a working holster, and his rifle a sling.

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