Head - Cast (I think from AVAC's Lab)
Lower legs - Skydive
Rest - Dollar General green Shipwreck

This is my modern custom Short Fuse. I used Skydive's legs for his lower legs, which had an ankle holster. I hate the idea of an ankle holster, so I moved it from his left ankle to right thigh and put a working boot knife sheath where the holster had been. There was a lot more painting involved than what it may look like. I created my own mix to make the lower legs match the upper legs. I also completely repainted the torso and arms one solid color since it comes from the factory in 2 different shades of green. Originally I gave him a Dollar General Duke head, as I based him on the figure which has no glasses, not his comic appearance. As I showed him on the forums I had enough people influence me to change the head to one with glasses, which is a cast head that I painted.

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