Baseball cap; Grenades; Drop leg bag - Avacslab
Head - Outback (v.6)
Torso; lower arms - Duke (v.43)
Upper arms - POC Dusty
Hands - ROC Charbroil
Legs - Renegades Cobra Trooper
Web belt - Kwinn (v.2)
Weapon system - Rock n' Roll (v.2)

I think Rock n' Roll is certainly one of the characters that deserves an updated (post-25th) modern era version doing. Despite Hasbro having already shown us a really nice version 2 concept figure, plus his fantastic re-design in the Resolute animation. We're still yet to see a new, worthy release. So I made my own!

I made this update a kind of amalgamation of the V.2 and Resolute Rock n' Roll, blending the colour breaks of the V.2 with the kind of PMC stylings of the Resolute design. And as ridiculous as his weapon system is (essentially two miniguns per arm!), it does really make the figure look somewhat spectacular!

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