Head: Cast (modded)
Torso, arms, legs, hands: 30th Road Pig
Gloves, weights: Cast
Weapon: 25th Red Ninja
Webgear:made from lots of fodder

Gooru is a Schliech kagaroo armored up with fodder and fake fingernails and he has a set of cast gloves as well

Kangor is another personal favorite character of mine. I had seen HypnoHustler do a version of him complete with a kangaroo wearing boxing gloves and was inspired to create my own version. I wanted to really differentiate him from Big Boa and so chose a unique head cast with the help of Bucky's fodder bin and made a unique webgear from all sorts of stuff from GI Joe to Star Wars to Marvel. Gooru was fun to armor up from a stock kangaroo and I love how they both turned out.

Art by Sam Panico

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