Torso, legs: 30th Sci-Fi
Arms: Ret. Data Viper
Helmet: Star Wars
Vest: 30th Airtight

This custom was made for the PHX Customs project Resurgence 3 to pilot the Fer-de-Lance space fighter.

Bio by Sam Panico:
"An entire generation of would-be astronauts has come to age blessed with a yearn to explore the stars and cursed by stunted space programs that can't get them there. In the same way that Cobra has exploited the frustrations of the world's working class, they've reached out to the best of every nation's air force with the lure of a space program that has no limitations, a limitless budget and the ruthless drive to conquer planets beyond our own. Cosmo-Vipers are the pilots who will get them there. Surgically enhanced by Dr. Mindbender to thrive in deep space conditions, their augmented physiology no longer permits them to return to Earth."

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