Head - Retalaition Roadblock (base)
Torso & arms - MY Deadpool
Hands - 25th
Legs - 3.75" movie Capt. America

After I finished Rocksteady, of course I wanted to create Bebop next. But I knew I'm going to have to spend plenty of time working on it because it needed plenty of sculpting so, I prioritized working on some other figures on the work bench first. After a year or so, Rocksteady still doesn't have his partner. But when I'm all psyched up to finally create Bebop, I once again ran out of fodders. But I've found a 3.75" movie Captain America legs and MU Deadpool torso. With some sculpey magic, I hoped to make Bebop out of them. It took plenty of time but I finally did it. A Bebop figure, 90% sculpted.

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