Head: 50th Sightline
Torso, arms, vest: ROC Firefly
Legs: Retaliation Firefly

File Name: Max, Brody
Code Name: Sgt. Blast
Sgt. Blast is the best at urban explosives and street fighting in the GIjoe team. When he was young he loved the Fourth of July time because he would drive to the closest firework stand and buy a ton of fireworks and shoot them off close to cars for fun. Until He shot one off and it hit Beachheads car and broke the back windows. When he tried to escape, Beachhead chased him until Sgt. Blast tripped and Beachhead caught him and took him to the police. After being jailed for five years he asked if he could join the Gijoe team. They took him to Sgt. Slaughter and he trained him on his off time then let Beachhead take over.
Now, He's one of Beachheads best friends.

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