Head: DTC Comic Hawk
Hands: Marauder MTF
Torso: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Arms, legs: DG Duke
Web gear: 25th Snake Eyes
Weapon: Modern era pistol
Helmet, visor: Vintage Battle Gear
Collar: POC Steel Brigade

As a kid, I did not have very many issues of the comic, so the Sunbow series was "the" Joe-verse. As such, the leader was Duke. I did not understand that Hawk showed up much later in the series and that he outranked Duke. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that that random green guy that was included with the MMS was in fact the first leader of the Joe team. I always thought that it was a strange way to release GI Joe's leader. I would have thought that he would be on his own card or a large vehicle. Regardless, after reading the entire run of Marvel comics, I came to appreciate how good a commander Colonel (and later, General) Hawk truly was.

Hawk is a straight forward build as he shares the exact same parts recipe as Grunt. Fortunately, I had a DTC comic book Hawk in my fodder pile and used his head. It represents the Joe leader very well in my opinion.

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