body - zartan
head - cobra commander with para duke helmet
chest plate - skirting off samurai storm shadow armor and iron grenadier tubes
weapon pack - sigma strike duke

Cobra Blackstarr - Elite space Pilot

BlackStarr appeared as suddenly as the lunar TerrorDrome. His movements in zero g as well as his preternatural instincts in space combat skills make many question his Terran origins. These rumors are only furthered by the fact no one has seen him out of his flight suit.

There is a regular stream of communication with Televiper 78148 sending and discussing mostly scifi movies and media. A common theme involve outbursts and rants about movies like Alien where the "HUMANS" are the invading presence, that Event Horizon was "meh happens" or ET being so exploitive of that developmentally challenged kid...

Televiper 78148:"Eliot? he wasn't.."
Blackstarr: "NO "ET""

If you listen closely you can hear him humming the theme to Red Dwarf while dog fighting...

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