head - loyal subjects Gozer action vinyl
body - zica toys Yvonne 2.0
boots - wwe Apollo cruz
hands - loyal subjects E. Honda action vinyl
belts - 1/6th harness

Zoya The Destorya

Based and inspired on the Alison Brie character from Netflix GLOW series, I was tinkering and felt my Community Greendale Mutineer Tightship, also played by Brie, needed a rival.

Zoya is a new recruit to the Oktober Guard, a CQC specialist known for a flair for getting under the skin of her opponents using their own pride and patriotisms against them.

to achieve the shimmering appearance of her singlet, I used a gunmetal base and a red citadel "contrast" top coat. also the shimmering of her leggings is a tan base with a gold drybrushing.

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