head - loyal subjects game of thrones daenrys head with a lucas candy top fot the hat brim
body - zica toys Yvonne 2.0
hands - savage world pinhead
boots - wwe aiden English
rifle - fortnite
monkey aka Annies Boobs - Sigma Shipwreck
belt - sigma shipwreck
shorts legs - sleeve off a wwe jacket
shirt add ons - foam sheets
holster - desert long range
pistol - lt stone

Tightship and Annie's Boobs

Member of the infamous Greendale Mutineers

Based and inspired by the Tightship character based on Annie, played by Alison Brie from Community in it's GIJOE homage General Issue Jeff.

As tactical ops Tightship plans and coordinates all troop movement even though a majority of them wander about at will. Her controlling nature and OCD tendencies at times clash with her teammates take on her more youthful

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