head - loyal subjects game of thrones cersei
goggle - duke v1
upper chest - zica toys Yvonne 2.0
waist and legs - volks body
lower legs and feet - firefly
arms - extended - fortnite drift
saw weapon - sigma strike duke
mid section made from firefly missile shaft, an paint dropper, aluminum foil and 2 part epoxy
webgear is marvel legends 10 yr mcu hydra trooper and tunnel rat belt parts

Buzzkill -

"We're all dressed like serial killers and Strippers."

"wrrr wrrr wrrr"

Greendale Mutineer - Social Activist

Buzzkill is the version of Britta from the Community episode that homage ARAH. She is often the counter point to anything anyone mentions, good bad or otherwise and once the others admit that Jeff needs to get back to reality she wanders off mentioning how cool her saw arm is...

okay so this was a lot of work

I started with two totally different doll makers to start with and built from scratch the articulation and molding of the mid section. I made the shaft and sleeve built up the bulk using aluminum foil and compressed it to shape, then added a layer of two part epoxy to seal and sculpt details. then I felt the arms where too short so using the epoxy again I filled the gaps. for the lower legs and feet I cut the firefly boots mid calf and added an articulation post using the volks doll ankle post.

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