Head: Scrap-Iron v6
Body: Conrad "Duke" Hauser v40
- NVR Assault Rifle: Marauder Inc
- Pistol: Unknown
- Belt: Conrad "Duke" Hauser v40
- Tactical Vest: Alley-Viper Officer

Primary Specialty: Anti-Armour
Secondary Specialty: Experimental Weapons
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Grade: Officer - UNKNOWN

In addition to being a weapons designer for Destro's M.A.R.S., Scrap-Iron undertakes field testing of experimental munitions. Urban terrain is perhaps the most deadly environment in which soldiers of any affiliation need to fight, given its complex dimensions. Notwithstanding their training and skill, Alley-Vipers are at an inherent disadvantage on the assault in a landscape that favours defenders. To offset this challenge, Scrap-Iron has adapted his skills in anti-armour technology to the realities of combat in built-up areas. He has developed both sensors and small, high manoeuvrability missile and drone systems that can seek and destroy entrenched defenders, both above and below ground. Naturally, Scrap-Iron conducts rigorous live-environment testing (or rather, employment) personally - not that there is every any doubt as to the systems' deadly effectiveness.

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