Head: Cobra Trooper v6
Torso: CobraTrooper v6
Legs: Shipwreck v12
Hands: Gung Ho v19
-Beret: Marauder Inc
-Pistol: Shipwreck v12
-Shotgun: Red Zone
-Knife: 24A Cobra Trooper
-Belt: Snake Eyes v34
-Bandolier: Elastic

File Name: Various
Primary Specialty: Border Control and Administration
Secondary Specialty: Security Guard
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E2 and higher

Cobra's Border Troopers are responsible for the control and administration of frontiers within overtly affiliated territories of Cobra's federated empire. Some of this work involves the routine inspection and admission of people and goods, while other work involves patrolling the border for smuggling or illegal crossing activity. More robust border security, particularly in territories with less friendly neighbours, is the responsibility of the Night Watch Frontier Scouts, the fully militarised wing of the same agency.

*Shown is the symbol of the Cobra Border Force

**100th JC Custom - Woo Hoo!

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