Head: Walmart brand biker.
Torso and arms: Cobra Trooper, and custom lower sculpt

After Dr Mindbender created a deadly virus, he tried to find an antidote for it before he released it on the Joes just in case any Cobra personnel happens to get infected by it and Cobra Commander would find out and kill him. Unfortunately the virus was quicker than Dr Mindbender and infected a crimson guard causing him to become patient zero of the deadly virus. After some time the virus mutated and was able to create different forms of itself. This is one instance. A cobra Bazooka trooper turned zombie. Now the world is starting to become infected with the virus. Hopefully the Joes will figure out a way to stop it. Thankfully it's in the third stage of mutation so it's no longer airborne. Only by getting it inside your bloodstream can it infect you.

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