Head: Bazooka '85
Torso: Gyro Viper '86
Arms: Salvo '90
Waist: Low Light '02
Legs: Scoop '89

This custom came about after reading about the Russian Mi-8 helicopter. I wanted a Joe to be able to fly it while being undercover with Cobra. I recall seeing Skydive be able to fly despite not being coded to do so. For me the Sky Patrol would go undercover in Cobra to see what they're doing in their aerospace division. The Pinetree tattoo on his arm is inspired by one of the martial arts he black belted in, Shotokan Karate, because the logo for most Shotokan Karate dojos are Pinetrees. He knows Kickboxing, judo, Krav Maga, Wrestling and Shotokan Karate. The only part that I felt needed to be kept was the torso. While I didn't have the original Skydive torso, I had the second-best thing. The Gyro Viper torso, same mold just different colors.
Hope you enjoy this update to an existing character.

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