Head: Countdown '89
Torso: Beachhead "86
Arms: Law '90
Waist: Stalker '94
Legs: Skymate '91

For this custom I wanted to give Grid Iron a good looking as well as functional custom. It is somewhat inspired by Tim 121RVC custom, Pokerface. I figured that it would make a good pilot look. While everything about Grid Iron is the same this is just early in his career where he was an Army Pilot before he transferred to Infantry/Artillery Branch. His flight helmet has his football guard on it to tie it into his football background as well as his arm tattoo of the Army Football team at West Point. I also have his background be a kickboxer on the West Point Kickboxing Team. His weapon selection is based on an article I read about Army Crew Chiefs during the Vietnam War and how they used just about any weapon they got their hands on. Grid Iron is skilled in Kickboxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Pro Wrestling and Karate. I know the head doesnt fit as Grid Iron, I happened to lose the head somewhere and just figured that Countdown was close enough. For me at least this would be the definitive version of him when I hear the name Captain Grid Iron. Also, on the drawing he has the logo for Captain on his collar.

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