Head: Law 87
Torso: Flint 85
Arms: Pathfinder 90
Waist: Rock n Roll 89
Legs: Bazooka 85

So, this custom came about after reading about my hometown police department is the only one in the US to use a gyrocopter for police work. I also recall reading on Law's file he was born in Houston, Texas, I used this as a part of his story. After he retires from the Joe team, he goes back to being a police officer back in Texas. He is the police offices resident gyrocopter pilot as well as detective. I like to think that Jack Reacher also had a part in developing this story as well as Raptors Covert Expedition Platoon Law custom. I wanted to add a mustache to the law head, but I have the funskool Law head but it seems impossible to get the screw out to use it.

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