Head: sculpted
Body: Mantor from Zicatoys with lots of sculpt
Lower arms: GI Joe
Lower Legs: Arctic Snake Eyes

Dr. Scarab is my favorite 80s bad guy and I always felt like my first custom didn't do him justice. I was never happy with the fact that my head I sculpted didn't really capture his jowls or his truly grotesque look (it was only the second head I had tried to sculpt at the time) and he was just too tall and not fat enough so I tried to correct all of those things as I remade him.

Scarab gets an all new base body minus the lower arms and lower legs. I did extend the gloves with sculpt to be more cartoon accurate.

New head and body sculpted and head to toe paint job.

Dr. Scarab leads is evil crew as he attempts to conquer the world as well as some smaller crimes. He is an evil genius who while not bionic does possess some enhanced abilities. The Bionic 6 stand in his way of world domination.

Bionic 1 originally battled the evil forces of Dr. Scarab alone, but after a tragic accident he makes the difficult decision to have his entire family enhanced with bionics to save their lives. After each of them receive their new abilities they come together as a team and family to form the Bionic 6 and put an end to Dr. Scarab's evil ways. Dr. Scarab has enhanced his one team with powers as well by placing a scarab on each of their chests.

Bionic 6 was another 80s franchise I wanted to team up with GI Joe as a kid. The vintage Bionic 6 figures were slightly larger than Joes but could still crossover well enough.

I have included a full picture of the full Bionic 6 team and Dr. Scarab's evil crew.

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