Head: Monkey Wrench
Torso: Keel Haul
Arms: Law
Waist: Motor Viper
Legs: Motor Viper

For this custom I wanted to do a custom of Law that was aged up. So, he now is basically a disillusioned cop that has done too many years on the force and the threat of Cobra hasn't gone away at all. He is now with the Texas Highway Patrol as a node to his file card in which he was a Houston Police Officer, now he's on the Joe Team Reserve unit. Instead of going back to the Houston Police Department and being limited in where he can stop crimes, he went statewide with the Highway Patrol so know he can fight Cobra on a Statewide scale to better the state. I felt that Monkeywrench's head helped sell the look of an older Law, with his sunglasses, long hair and goatee.

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