Wristbands: Medical Tape
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I had previously made a version of Viet Nam Tommy Arashikage, but in the back of my brain, that version had always bothered me. That attempt started with me wanting to use the new (at the time) Green Camouflaged "Contract-Ops" unbloused pant legs. I built the figure around the legs, which was a mistake. I also used the tan-colored T-shirt torso. I have come to believe that the green-colored T-shirt torso, while still not 100% accurate, fits the figure better than the tan torso. Also, the more modern tan harness rig that I used the first time seemed too big and blocky. Lastly, in an attempt to just get the figure finished, I wrapped Tommy's forearms in plumber's tape. When placed on the forearms, the tape just became an undefined white mass. Blech!

Okay, so...what could I do to try to fix my version of Tommy Arashikage? I used the only-slightly-more-accurate "Trooper" style legs and waist to try to emulate a Viet Nam era military uniform. I understand that Tommy's uniform in the Marvel comic consisted of a light green T-shirt and solid green trousers, but, currently, the Marauders catalog does not stock those colors. I did my best by using camouflaged pants and a darker green T-shirt. Also, instead of using a tan modern-style harness rig, I opted for a WWII style U.S. Army harness rig...a much cleaner silhouette. Lastly, I took a bit more time to wrap Tommy's wrists in strips of thinly ripped white tape. I believe that looks more accurate.

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