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This is a simple kitbash/LBC.

Manleh. What to say, what to say...

His name is weird, I'm not sure how to pronounce it. Do I say it like "Manly" except with a thick Scottish brogue? Imagine Sean Connery saying "manly".

Manleh is an international figure released in Argentina and made by a company called Plastirama. He is part of what has been termed the "Argen 7". They are a team of commandos whose members include Manleh, Glenda, Topson, Redmack, Shimik, Cobra Mortal, and Cobra Invasor.

Manleh uses the entire mold of Stalker V1. Interestingly, while Stalker is a black character, Manleh is Caucasian.

I like Manleh's color palette, although all the pictures I've seen of the original figure looks washed out. I'm not sure if that is a shortcoming of the actual photos or of the figure itself.
When the Marauders company released their light blue urban camouflage body, you know who I automatically thought of? Yes, that's right...


But after that, I thought of Manleh.

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