Head: Custom Cast Part
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

Night Force Outback is a pretty cool figure by any standard. I think I like the Night Force Outback better than the original Outback (I DEFINITELY like the Night Force version of Crazylegs more than the V1 Crazylegs). The green T-shirt isn't a drastic change for Outback, but it lends itself much more to stealth missions than the white T-shirt. I also like the black accents and accessories of Night Force Outback. Very smart looking.
The head is a custom head and not the standard "Ranger" style from the Marauders company (their Ranger style head is basically the bearded head but with a sculpted beard as opposed to one just painted onto the face). I really like this head sculpt and got VERY lucky when I painted the eyes.

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