All Marauders Task Force Parts

This is a subtle update to my previous Flint V1 figure. Since posting my Flint, there have been some new parts released by the Marauders company.

Firstly, I have updated Flint's torso with the newer black "Agency-Ops" Dress Shirt torso. It has the unbuttoned collar and is much more the typical dress shirt worn by the Hasbro figure. If I were to be even more figure accurate, I would have cracked the torso apart and used arms from a black T-Shirt torso. This would make the shirt a short-sleeved dress shirt. But, hey...I'm not made of money. The rolled up sleeves will have to do. Also, the differently styled forearms of the Dress Shirt torso remove the black wristbands of my previous Flint figure, which I think looks better.

Secondly, the Marauders company has just released a new head sculpt that very slightly resembles Clint Eastwood. I received the head as a freebie with one of my Marauders orders. Seeing the new head, being cast in flesh-tone plastic and having a higher hairline, made me want to update my already-completed Flint figure. Since the black beret of the figure is a G1 part, the new "Clint" head doesn't really fit the somewhat smaller head cover, so I had to heat up the piece and re-mold it to fit the new hairstyle.

As an afterthought, I decided to use full cover brown gloved hands as opposed to the armor plated hands of my first V1 Flint.

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