Helmet: Custom Cast Part
Rifle/Flamethrower: Dollar Tree "Final Faction" Accessory
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I don't know much about the Oktober Guard. I never really cared about them much as a kid. They were the Russians. As a result, Oktober Guard is a bit of a blind spot for me as an adult. I know who was on the original team, but I think I really only got to see their appearance in Marvel Comics G.I.Joe issues #6 and #7. I was out of collecting Joe by 1985, so I never had Big Bear or Red Star (when the heck did they get on the team?). I stopped reading the comic around issue #67 and I don't remember them being in the comic all that much. The Oktober Guard's appearance in the cartoon was just silly.
So, I found out that most of the original Oktober Guard died only years later when I finally bought some Classic G.I.Joe Graphic Novels of the later Marvel run. Apparently, the only surviving members of the original team were Dragonsky and Daina.
Then came Lt. Gorky and Sgt. Misha came onboard and later still Red Star (who looked exactly like Col. Brekhov) started leading the team and where the heck did Big Bear come from and it's just a bit confusing.
Okay, so all I really mean to say is that Oktober Guard is not my strong-suit.
But the original Dragonsky figure is pretty darn cool. I love the colors, bright as they are. I really wanted to do something extra with this figure. The Marauders company does not have pink parts, so I dyed a figure myself. Unfortunately, the hard plastic parts of the figure are practically immune to the dying process, so the figure is splotchy and discolored, but I just can't help but love the pink arms and legs. I think dying gives the figure a custom look while also allowing for movement and play...something a painted figure cannot do. The head is a fabulous 3D printed part. I didn't want the figure to just use a WWII era flamethrower that is available on the Marauders website, so I used a Dollar Tree "Final Faction" laser rifle and drilled a hole for the tubing and another hole in the barrel to accept a ready-made "flame spout". All in all, I think this Dragonsky is a hoot.

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