Vest Fur: G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Snow Serpent Fur Accessory (modified)
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

This Frostbite V1 is a hodgepodge of not-quite-accurate parts. Up til now, I have resisted making this guy as he is kinda boring, but, honestly, he is the best I can do with the parts I have.
Since Frostbite is a bit boring - and also because I was unable to copy his side-slung vest holster - I felt I should keep the light blue straps on his Tac vest to provide an item of visual interest. I know the Russell head is a baldie, but please suspend your disbelief and imagine he has a full head of hair underneath that ushanka. Bearded MTF heads with black hair are hard to come by these days. I actually thought about frosting up the fur on the neck and hat, but looking at the figure put together, I kinda just wanted SOME part of the figure not to have white. I chose to keep the fur mono-beige.

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