Helmet: G.I.Joe Retro Collection Cobra Officer
Vest: Joy Toy Accessory
Minigun: ?
Waterslide Decal: Bad Mother Tattoos
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

This is a simple kitbash/LBC. Only the face has been painted.
I bought a Joy Toy figure in order to use certain accessories on another custom. This left the Joy Toy armored vest as a piece without a home. I wanted to try to use it and originally I thought I could use the vest for a G.I.Joe Super Trooper custom, but I didn't have the correct parts for him in my parts bin. I did, however, have some blue Marauders Task Force body parts and, serendipitously, I also had a G.I.Joe Retro Collection Cobra Officer helmet laying around. I figured I could make a vintage G1-style Cobra trooper. After putting on the Joy Toy armored vest on the figure, I noticed that it was a good bit oversized. I decided to use the large size to my advantage and make this guy a heavy weapons trooper. I grabbed an old minigun accessory that I had and gave that to the figure. I thought since this new custom was of the nameless army building variety that I would just call him the Cobra Heavy Weapons Trooper, but that sounded flat. Since the Minigun was originally derived from the Vulcan cannons on aircraft, I figured I would call this guy the Cobra Vulcan Trooper. Spiffy.

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