Head/Backpack: G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Ripper
Arms: Boss Fight Studios Champagne Beige Figure Blank
Armband: Boss Fight Studios Gold Accessory Set
Waist/Legs: Dime Novel Legends "Buck-A-Roo #2" Figure Blank
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

Ripper was a LONG time in the making and, ironically, has almost no MTF parts. Only the torso and web-gear is Marauders.
I saw the Dime Novel Legends "blank" figures last year and was very impressed with them. One blank figure in particular had legs that were of a light denim color and had tall black boots. I very much wanted to try them to see if they look good (and are compatible) with Marauder Task Force parts and accessories...with an eye towards eventually making a Ripper custom.
So, I purchased the blank figure sometime last year and after determining that his parts do indeed slot nicely with MTF, I put them on the shelf waiting for the other parts. The wait would be a long one. I got both a custom 3D printed "Torch" head and a "Ripper" head from a very reputable eBay seller, but the heads came in a bit oversized. They made the bodies look a little skinny by comparison. So, back to square one.
Now, I knew I wanted a pair of Boss Fight Studios bare arms for Ripper, but was forced to wait for some economical arms to come on the secondary market. That took forever. With wanting to use BFS bare arms, I knew would need to crack a torso, but I kept putting it off as I did not want to mess up a perfectly good torso. Cracking torso's invariably mess with their integrity.
So since my first attempt to get a custom head had failed, I decided to go with a modern G.I.Joe Ripper head. I kept waiting for a head to show up on eBay. Never happened, so I ended up getting an incomplete 25th Ripper figure at JoeFest. Cut to today and my BFS Champagne Beige arms cam in, so I finally got to finish my Ripper.

Now on to Torch.

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