Hat: Dime Novel Legends Accessory
Head: Custom Cast Part
Neck Collar: Custom Cast Part
Holster: Dime Novel Legends Accessory
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

I made my previous 2003/V10 Street Hustle Destro a long time ago and there have been some better Marauders Task Force parts released since then. What I really tried to imitate was the look of a turtleneck sweater. To this end I ended up using three different pieces for the torso. First I got a black Contract-Ops t-shirt torso, cracked it, and placed a couple of black Agency-Ops Dress shirt upper arms in there. I then placed some regular black cloth forearms underneath. I went online and got a black neck collar.
I thought about replacing the chrome 25th Destro head, but now it looked super small, so I got a gold resin 50th Destro head. I almost chromed the head, but I stopped short. I figured Leopard-skinned Destro has the gold head and this version of Destro is similarly street savvy and ruthless, so I left the head gold, just opting to whiten the eyes. I got a set of Dime Novel Legends hats and belts a while back. I remembered having a Doc Holliday hat that I thought might be appropriate, so I gave Destro a gambler's hat and belt.

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