Head: ARAH '83 Ace
Chest/Back: ARAH '83 Short-Fuze
Arms: ARAH '85 Barbecue
Waist: ARAH '84 Tollbooth
Legs: ARAH '85 Lamprey
Bazooka: ???
Backpack: ARAH Battle Back Zap/Short-Fuze
Explosives: Battlefield Earth- dynamite bundle cast

Combat Engineer/Bazooka Soldier
GI Joe


Zap is one of the few OG13 figures of which I've never done a custom, aside from slapping a mustache on the '83 figure. The 25A figure Hasbro released was a good representation of Zap's original design, but I fell back to the ARAH era for parts that somewhat updated and added more gear to that same look for my Star & Stripes Forever project.

The Ace head is a good fit for Zap, with some work to the hair. As with any NS custom, the trick is to find parts that actually create good proportions with each other. This figure is designed to focus on Zap as an engineer as well as a bazooka soldier.

Colors & Paints:

In a desert color scheme, plus the Marvel touches of the red collar and the mustache.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The dynamite bundle is cast. The flattop is epoxy sculpted. Epoxy also fills/smooths the shoulder rivets, elbow rivets, and thigh screw insets.

Thanks for looking.

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