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I have recently seen the new G.I.Joe Classified Clutch and think it is a very worthy figure. So much so that I have updated my own V1 Clutch kitbash to reflect the new Classified figure.
Some of the changes to my Clutch include:
1. Updating the previous "LWH" helmet for a Half-Shell helmet. The LWH helmet is more akin to the older Operation Desert Storm "Fritz" style helmet. The Marauders Half-Shell helmet more closely reflects the current style military helmet.
2. I added pouches on the vest where previously there were none. Previously I shied away from adding pouches to Clutch's vest as I wanted to copy the vintage figure as best as I could. I decided to add pouches now because I feel it adds weight and density to the overall silhouette of the figure. I also moved the holster down nearer the waist.
3. I changed Clutch's bare hands to black padded gloves since the Classified figure has them. But also because they just look cool.
4. I beefed up the pouches on his thighs from large pockets to double magazine pouches. I felt the larger pouches add balance to the more-filled-out vest.
5. I added knee pads for the same reason.
6. Lastly, I beefed up the pouches on the calves from small pockets to large pockets.

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