Head: Marvel- ??? (cast by Star Wars Geek)
Chest/back: NS Baroness
Hands: DCIH- Captain Atom
Skirt: NS Jinx
Waist, legs: Star Wars- Padme in flight suit

Canary Ann
GI Joe (Detached from Army of India)


Canary Ann was a head-to-toe repaint of Lady Jaye. It was released in India as a promotional item.


No Lady Jaye parts are used to give Canary Ann a unique design. A mix of Marvel/DC/NS/Star Wars parts, making a desert uniform. The shawl replaces the hat so that the top of the Cobra symbol is covered.

Colors & Paint:

More of a vanilla tan than the canary yellow of the Indian toy for the uniform. The hat of the original is gone, with its red bumped down to the shawl.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast by starwarsgeek. The shawl and midriff are epoxy sculpted, with added pouches and a Sam Browne strap.

Thanks for looking.

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