Backpack: G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra Heavy Duty
Weapon: Captain America: The First Avenger Hydra Trooper
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

This kitbash is based on the 2009 Rise of Cobra Anthony Gambello version. The main reason I made this figure is I wanted to take a group picture of all the 1982 Joes but in their later outfits. For example, I wanted a POC Hawk next to a Ninja Force Scarlet next to a Tiger Force Stalker, etc.
I didn't have a later version of Flash so I needed to quickly make this guy. Marauders used to have very cool "reverse" version of their standard-color bodies. These were mostly black bodies with accents of red or accents of white or green, what have you. Those reverse versions are long gone, so I painted one myself and the red/black combination is pretty striking.
I used the Hydra laser rifle just cuz I wanted something different, something withOUT a connecting hose. The TRON-blue accent on the rifle also caught my eye.

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