Head: ARAH Flint (Eco Warriors) cast
Waist, legs: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Chest/back, arms to below elbows: Star Wars- Han Solo (stupid harness version)
Arms below elbows: Imaginext- Jurassic Park figure
Lower legs below knees, feet: Imaginext- Race Car Driver
Helmet: Imaginext- Deep Sea Diver
Tool: Fortnite accessory

Leviathan & Lloyd
Deep Sea Defender & Sea Turtle Buddy
Action Force


Palitoy's second wave of Action Force figures included a repaint of its unnamed Deep Sea Diver. The new repaint character was Leviathan.

Lloyd is Leviathan's sea turtle buddy, a new addition to the character.


If you've seen the more popular Action Force Muton figure, you've seen the base figure Palitoy used to create Deep Sea Diver and also Leviathan. So similar in appearance to the Fisher-Price Adventure People's Deep Sea Diver, I considered recoloring one of them to make this figure. But building one from the ground up had more appeal.

The Imaginext Deep Sea Diver helmet was about the only part that had to be used, but finding a way to use that horrible Han Solo torso was a pleasant surprise. It would have made more sense to use something more streamlined than the helmet to update the design, but I stuck with the old-timey one just because. It's oversized a bit, but it looks so otherwise good I just ran with it. I used the Flint head because it's a huge sculpt, as big as some of the 1986 sculpts.

The helmet also provides a built-in "backpack" reminiscent of the JUMP jet pack, which Palitoy included with Leviathan.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Palitoy figure, but with orange hair and a few more color pops here and there.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. Some of the interior of the helmet is trimmed out to accommodate an ARAH head. The Imaginext hands/feet were epoxy blended onto the arms/feet, with the shoulders, upper legs, and midriff also epoxy sculpted.

About the turtle:

I picked up a Dollar Tree set of plastic animals a few years back. For the snakes in it, I think. I never thought I'd find a use for the sea turtle, but it works nicely as a diorama piece for Leviathan. "Lloyd" is a perfect name for a turtle.

Thanks for looking.

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