Head: STTMP- Kirk
Torso, belt, hands: ROC Storm Shadow
Arms: 25A Snow Job
Legs: NS Dusty
Helmeted head: McDonald's Action Man (Snowboard)


Stringfellow Hawke was the pilot-gone-rouge/lead character of the 1984 television show Airwolf. I've combined Airwolf with the ROC Howler to create the "Wolfhowl".


A mix of 25A/ROC parts with NS legs and topped with a McDonald's Happy Meal (helmeted) head, it roughly captures the feel of the tv show's flightsuit. The same recipe will be used to make Dominic Santini, but with a different head.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the tv show.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The normal head is cast, with the eyes reworked a bit with epoxy. It's a good approximation of actor Jan Michael Vincent. Epoxy also fills the mid-articulation point and the thigh screw insets. The helmet was chopped from a McDonald's toy, and the visor sculpted over what had been an open face area.

Thanks for looking.

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