Head: 25A Blowtorch
Arms: NS Wild Bill
Torso: 25A Wild Bill (blue flight suit)
Feet: DCIH- Superman
Helmet: NS Duke
Holstered sidearm: 25A Baroness


This is a tribute figure, based on Kwinn82's amazing ARAH format custom original character. That character was his clever use of the filename "Wayne Ruthel", from a sticker on the Skystriker. This allowed for Kwinn82 to slide Sparrow into the early lineup without actually being a retcon, but more of an unseen character.


I started piling up 25A Wild Bill/Ace flight suit bodies, which I needed for the arms to use with DCIH- The Question torsos to make suit figures. So, what to do with the bodies? Add on NS Wild Bill arms, which are the right length for them, and make some pilot figures! Merlin and Sparrow were the perfect characters to use, and Kwinn_Lives was gracious enough to let me use his characters.

Colors & Paints:

Based on the original customs by Kwinn82.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The shoulder areas were reworked a bit. The tiny feet were replaced with Superman feet. The feet and some epoxy sculpting helped carry over the stirrups of Kwinn_Lives' design (which used ARAH Snake-Eyes/Flash/Grand Slam lower legs).

This figure is, of course, dedicated to Kwinn_Lives.

Thanks for looking.

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