Head: NS Barrel Roll
Chest/back: NS Roadblock
Arms, jacket: ROC Dr. Rex
Waist, legs: NS Destro (lounge lizard outfit)
Straps on chest: cut from NS Dusty web gear
Dog: Playmobil


The early 2000's presented a CGI cartoon in which Action Man wasn't British, but instead an American or Canadian (based on his voice), Alex Mann. Alex Mann was an extreme sports competitor and undercover operative for a shady government agency.


The cartoon featured Action Man in various idiot extreme sports outfits. But this custom is based on the more spy thriller-ish VR Atak. This custom is actually based on toy version that came years later than the cartoon series, but I don't really care. I looked at the many, many versions of Action Man to choose from for a custom, and this is the one I liked the most.

The Barrel Roll head is one of the best of the NS ones, although it doesn't have the pretty boy vibe that Action Man probably needs.

Colors & Paint:

Mostly based on the figure, but with metallic grey expanded to the gloves and boots. I also took the blue/white from Alloy's eyes and put it on whatever piece of techno-kibble is on Action Man's chest.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was epoxy blended onto the neck. The chest and waist straps are cut from Dusty's web gear and glued down. The thigh screw insets were epoxy filled and smoothed. The back of the waist, behind the leg tops, was thinned down to better fit the legs.

About Alloy:

Alloy appeared in the second season of the cartoon. A robot dog with the personality and traits of Action Man's childhood dog programmed into it, Alloy was essentially written like a regular dog... that happened to be a robot.

There was a 2000 Urban Mission featuring a robot dog, that may have been the source for the dog in the cartoon, although they don't look exactly alike. There was also another robot Action Man dog named K9000, but it was mostly black with a less robotic appearance.

My take on Alloy looks more like a retro-futuristic 1950's robot dog might have looked than either the cartoon appearance or the toy dog K9000 or the one included with the Urban Mission set.

Playmobil again provides the base for the animal.

Starlock washers were glued to the hips/shoulders, then epoxy was bit up around their edges so they wouldn't hover over the surface. Some indentions were made into the epoxy to create kibble circles. The ridges are rubber bands glued into place. I tried to do just enough robot kibble to coordinate with the gunmetal grey to make it look non-organic.

Thanks for looking.

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