Head: Custom Cast Part
Trench Coat: Star Wars Force Link DJ Figure
Pistol: CORPS! Figure
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

Bladerunner is my second favorite movie of all time. I got to see it in the theaters when I was 10 years old. The dad of my friend across the street took us to go see it. Apparently, the dad only knew that it was a Sci-Fi movie with Harrison Ford and figured it would be a good movie for a couple of young boys. Not so much, but I did develop a schoolboy crush on Joanna Cassidy as a result.

Of course I did not really understand the movie at the time, but I rediscovered it later when it came out of VHS. I gained a new appreciation for it and actually became pretty enamored with it. So much so that one day I put my tape recorder up to the TV and recorded the entire audio of the movie. I would take my Walkman headphones, pop off one of the ear-pods, place it on my pillow at night and fall asleep while learning the whole movie. I can literally recite the entire movie. Anyway, Rick Deckard and Bladerunner are very special to me. That is why I sprung for a pre-painted head. Although the head is custom and the overcoat is a Rise of Skywalker DJ coat (I would prefer to use a DC Hush coat, so I will replace it when one becomes available), I am still adhering to my Mostly Marauders mandate.

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